This Week at St. Paul's-2nd Sunday of Advent

Sun. Dec. 6           9:00 A.M.   Worship Service @ Church                                                      Communion Live on                                                  Facebook                                                         10:00 A.M.   Children's Sunday School                                     10:30 A.M.   Adult Bible Study                                               11:40 A.M.   Confirmation Class                                             12:30 P.M.    Elder's Meeting                        Wed. Dec. 9          7:00 P.M.    Mid-Week Bible Study                                                                                                                                                                                         This Week's Scripture Readings (Dec. 6)                              Isaiah 40:1-11     2 Peter 3:8-14     Mark 1:1-8

Next Week at St.Paul's-3rd Sunday of Advent               

Sun. Dec. 13          9:00 A.M. Worship Service @ Church Non-                                               Communion, Live on Facebook                              10:00 A.M. Children's Sunday School                             10:30 A.M. Adult Bible Study                                                  11:00 A.M. Voter's Meeting

Next Week's Scripture Readings (Dec.13)              

Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11     1 Thessalonians 5:16-24   

John 1:6-8, 19-28

Volunteer Schedule-December

1st Sunday - December 6
Organist: Toni Schwartz
Communion Asst: Ed Van Horn
Acolyte: Gillian Francois                                               
Greeter(s) & Prayer Family: Gary Meyer                                 Counters: Vonnie Poston & Tom Chambers                           

2nd Sunday - December 13                                                   Organist: John Slovensky                                                       Communion Asst: N/A                                                          Acolyte: Makayla Witthaus                                                    Greeter(s) & Prayer Family: Kevin Meyer                     Counters: Janet Elms & Elaine Meier                                   

3rd Sunday - December 20                                                  Organist: Toni Schwartz                                                   Communion Asst: Mark Ludy                                                Acolyte: Jonah Slovensky                                        Greeter(s) & Prayer Family: Linda Meyer                              Counters: Vonnie Poston & Tom Chambers                          

4th Sunday - December 27                                                  Organist: John Slovensky                                                   Communion Asst: N/A                                                      Acolyte: Logan Angel                                                       Greeter(s) & Prayer Family: Shirley Meyer                            Counters: Janet Elms & Elaine Meier