Mission Statement

To preach, teach and spread God’s pure, whole and complete Word

to all of God’s people.

To reach God’s lost and to help bring them

to the true light of salvation, through Jesus Christ.

Church History

The Life of St. Paul's Lutheran Church Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Founded July 6, 1884 by 16 laymen, St Paul’s Lutheran Church-Jonesburg members met in homes and at the Jonesburg Christian Church.  In 1898 a modest little church was built on a plot of ground donated by H.C. (John Henry Carl) Fischer, with enough land for a small cemetery at the intersection of County Road E and New Florence Road (now known as County Road FF heading east), 3 ½ miles north of Jonesburg, Missouri, and was dedicated to the glory of God in morning and afternoon services that summer day. 

The Rev. Professor A. L. Graebner served the congregation as the visiting pastor from 1890 until his death in 1904.  The Rev. Ludwig E. Fuerbringer served the church for the next 21 years as the visiting pastor, as did many professors and students of Concordia Seminary. Later Rev. Fuerbringer became president of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. The Willing Workers, later called the Ladies Aid, was formed June 3, 1923.  This group of hard working Christian women continues to serve St Paul’s Lutheran Church today by selflessly donating their time and talents sponsoring many outreach events.

As the congregation grew at St. Paul’s - Jonesburg, a sister congregation, St John's - Warrenton, was organized and a resident pastor for the two congregations was called.  The Rev. Herbert Rose was the first resident pastor called to serve this dual parish in 1938. Other following pastors were Rev. Rudolph Jargo, 1939; Rev. Walter Niedner; 1939-1944; and Rev. Clarence Boye, 1944-1948. 

In 1948, an addition was built on the east end of the little church with a new chancel and more seating.  Pastors serving were Rev. Louis Temme, 1948-1953 and Rev. Walter Schwane, 1954-1960.  An electric organ was purchased in 1955, replacing a foot pump organ. Pews were bought in 1958 replacing the hand made, narrow straight-backed pews that were constructed when the church was originally built. In 1961 property was auctioned to the highest bidder in the town of Jonesburg and due to steady growth, crowded conditions in worship, and need for more adequate Sunday School space, St. Paul’s bought the property from Montgomery County R-II School District at the intersection of Jones Street and Lions Avenue for $2750.00, with the dream of building a new church. The Rev. Eldred Hoffman served as pastor from 1961-1966.  

Ground breaking ceremonies were held September 18, 1966 with Rev. Louis Temme officiating at the new church site in town. In 1967 we entered a beautiful new brick church building in town for the first time after 69 years of meeting at the little crossroads church.  The old church building was sold and the cemetery was enlarged at the original church site north of Jonesburg. 

We continued with professors and students officiating until a new resident pastor arrived. The Rev. John C. Dautenhahn, also known as Parson John during the CB radio days, served as pastor from 1968-1979.  Again we added more space to our building with an educational wing and full basement to the north side of the church in 1979.  The Rev. William Uttech served the congregation from 1980-1981and Rev. Wilbur Maring served as assistant pastor for both congregations with Pastors Dautenhaun and Uttech.

About 1981 the dual pastorship with St John’s at Warrenton was terminated. The Rev. David Boisclair was the first resident pastor serving St. Paul’s from 1982-1992. Pastor Boisclair lived in the newly purchased church parsonage located in Jonesburg. The Rev. Steven Dressler served the congregation from 1993-2005, until our present pastor, the Rev. Gary J. Ellul arrived to serve St. Paul’s. With the Calling of a new pastor the congregation chose to offer the new pastor the option of either living in St. Paul’s parsonage or allowing the new pastor to purchase his own home, Pastor & Mrs. Ellul decided on the latter option. With the Pastor now owning his own home, the congregation voted to sell the parsonage, which was sold in the fall of 2005.

The congregation of St. Paul’s - Jonesburg has enjoyed many fellowship activities through the years that have brought our congregation closer together as brothers and sisters in Christ. These activities have also allowed us to share Christ’s love in the freedom of the Gospel with our community here in Jonesburg. As our church family here at St. Paul’s grows into the future we look forward to our worship together and our playing together. But above all we look forward to our service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by the teaching of the Gospel and to the building of Christ’s one universal Church here in our community.

May this be to the Glory of God and to the memory of our loved ones that have passed to be with our Lord.


                                                                                    Thankfully submitted by,

                                                                                        Mrs. Sharon Sanker

Original 16 Laymen of St. Paul’s


Johann Mueller

J. H. Scholle

Friederich J. Koelling

W. Buene

Ernst Eckard

Johann Ockerhausen

August Fischer

Heinrick. Eckard

Otto Cuno

Louis Sachse

Karl Cuno

Heinrick Fischer

Anton Brunner

Jacob Leng

Gottlob Haug

F. H. Duermeier